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"Facial-recognition technology is quickly becoming a mainstay of commercial and government surveillance systems. While it can provide benefits in automation and security, it is also a threat to privacy. Sophisticated algorithms can already extract information about your gender, age and even mood from a single image, and then link those physical attributes to commercial or government databases."
-Face to Anti-Face

The most cyberpunk post on this website, possibly ever. 

For future reference.

the cyber revolution is literally coming upon us

shadowrun fashion suddenly makes so much sense




Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher


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I keep telling people that angels aren’t cute, fluffy beings, but are really scary as hell.

Maybe they’ll believe me now…

As much as I do love cute, fluffy angels, I agree! I seem to recall the Bible explicitly stating that angels are fucking terrifying. And these capture that so well, in addition to being beautifully done! 

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